I actually didn’t know what was going to do in my life before joining Kingston. Having completed my under graduation in India, I was in a dilemma about my future; whether to join my family business or study abroad and become an entrepreneur by myself. It was actually very confusing for me to decide. I then choose to study abroad having the opportunity cost of joining my family business and here I am..

Initially there was this excitement about the new freedom, new country and the new university. But once I was settled in Kingston and started adjusting with everything around it started slowly fading away. After a month I felt Homesick as it’s difficult to find time from college and money for regular home visits. Of course, Skype calls and FaceTime come to the rescue but they cannot replace face-to-face communication with your family and friends.

During your first weeks in the Kingston, I found it difficult to adjust to the culture, behaviour and social life what they call is the “culture shock”. Initially I found comfort with other students who came from the same cultural backgrounds where each of us felt home. Later on we opened us to others as well.

As this was the first time I was leaving my family and home and starting an independent life, managing cash was also a task. The monetary value calculation and spending everything by calculating in the Indian local currency was a tedious task.

It’s always very difficult to leave your loved-ones behind until the end of your studies and is heart breaking. But being around other people and having made new friends improved the situation to a great extent. Overall, I felt that I had made a good decision in my life. I am out of my comfort zone and here I have to do everything by myself and there is nobody who could do favours for me.

My university had helped me in overcoming many obstacles which I had faced initially. It helped me finding friends, knowing many people from different backgrounds, their cultural values, the classroom sessions, the assignments which kept me busy and so on.

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