Brain storming is a technique for adequately utilizing the brain to storm the issue. The objective is to create whatever number thoughts as could be allowed in the briefest conceivable time to take care of a predefined issue. It isn’t such a great amount about broadly expounding on the thoughts or picking one of them.

Process of Brainstorming:

Brain storming happens in a meeting to generate new ideas, a social occasion where the members invigorate and spur each other to produce a lot of thoughts. The session begins with a decent, solid, basic inquiry or issue. Just along these lines, would everyone be able to concentrate on the thoughts that answer the inquiry or the issue. Ideally, the meeting to generate new ideas is encouraged by a gathering chief or administrator. Taking notes is relatively inconceivable, so the utilization of a voice recorder is prescribed. A meeting to generate new ideas incorporates different stages:

1. Arrangement

The gathering is told ahead of time what the inquiry or issue definition is, the point at which the meeting to generate new ideas happens and to what extent it will take. One and a half hours is frequently observed as the most extreme given the concentrated idea of this kind of meeting. The director/talk pioneer readies the required materials for the procedure, including flip graph, pens, paper, sticky notes, and so on.

2. Produce thoughts

All thoughts are composed on whiteboard, flip diagram, paper or sticky notes and assembled by the administrator/discussion pioneer. He likewise guarantees that everybody gets the chance to talk and that no analysis is communicated about one another’s thoughts. The administrator guarantees that the air is profitable, inventive and loose. Following this purported disparity stage, the intermingling stage pursues, and in which all the diverse thoughts are bunched to related subjects.

3. Assessment

By and large, the precise assessment of all proposed thoughts takes plays after the meeting to generate new ideas is finished. You can do this part with similar members or with a littler gathering of agent proficient specialists. For every subject, you assess the convenience of the thoughts, the upsides and downsides and contrast them with one another. Prioritization likewise regularly happens and thoughts that can contribute immediately (low-hanging organic product), are given the most astounding need. By sifting the best and most helpful thoughts, you step by step go from amount to quality.

We had a brainstorming activity which was done in class. In the activity we were divided into teams of 4 members each where we had to body storm about the car maintenance and his regards. We were given with an audio in which there was a lady whose car was broken down in the middle of a highway and John, a car maintenance mechanic who had recently started up his business and was not well known. We were given four topics which include:

  • To tackle a challenging problem
  • To be trusted
  • To service knowledgeable clientele
  • To build relationship with customers

And were told to choose one from these four which was the most prominent to the case and give a solution using body storming. We chose “To be trusted” as the best source and suggested to open a website to share the services and the price list, which could do marketing and also was a platform to get opinions about the clients.

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