Design Thinking is a technique planner’s use in ideation and improvement of ideas. The technique depicts a human-focused, iterative structure process comprising of 5 stages—Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test. Design thinking is helpful in handling issues that are badly characterized or obscure.

Stages of design thinking:

  • Empathize: The primary phase of the Design Thinking process requests picking up an empathic comprehension of the issue you’re attempting to settle. This stage includes entering the domain of the problem, and understanding what needs to be solved out and their effects.
  • Characterize: Amid the Define phase of Design Thinking, you set up together the data you have made and assembled amid the Empathize organize. You dissect your perceptions and integrate them so as to characterize the centre issues.
  • Ideate: The procedure’s third stage discovers you prepared to begin producing thoughts. With the learning you have accumulated in the initial two stages, you can begin to “realize totally new possibilities” to distinguish new answers for the issue articulation you’ve made, and you can begin to search for elective methods for survey the issue.
  • Prototype: In the Prototype period of Design Thinking, your structure group create various variants of the product or explicit highlights found inside the product so you can examine the issue arrangements produced in the past stage.
  • Test: In the Test period of Design Thinking, you thoroughly test the finished item utilizing the best arrangements recognized amid the prototyping stage. This is the last stage; in any case, in an iterative procedure, the outcomes produced amid the testing stage are what you will regularly use to reclassify at least one issue.

In our design thinking module, we are similarly performing all the above mentioned stages to develop a new product which is not made and not available in the market. The main aim is to create a product and run a multi-disciplinary business out of the product. We have chosen the problem as the easily breakable bike locks which are not secure for the bikers. In the empathise stage and the define stage we have characterized the problems of bikes being stolen and need for better safety for the high-end bicycles. In the ideate stage, we have developed a stronger and a smarter lock which has a two way alarm system installed in this and also has a GPS system to track the bike which is being stolen. We are still in the prototyping stage, figuring out how to create the lock and the materials to be used for making the lock. This is a very unique system, where I am able to learn practical knowledge along with theoretical knowledge. The whole idea is to know the real business world scenarios and create a business entity ourselves and helps in better coordination and teamwork. 

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