Hello all! This blog tells about my dragon dens experience which was held recently in our university. It was a very good experience for us (our group) as we were ready for the presentation. Dragon’s den was basically a presentation of our start-up ideas which we were dwelling with since the beginning of the module. The whole idea behind this was to improve our presentation skills and approval of the start-up which we had chosen.

Our product for the start-up is a bicycle lock designed for high end bicycles to reduce the number of thefts of bicycles being lost. Starting with the need of the product, the customer segmentation, the pricing of the product, the features of the product, the competitors and alternatives present in the existing market to the market entry of the product which we chose was to be presented in the dragon’s den.

Essential research has been observed to be critical to discover significant data specifically from the potential buyer of our item. Addressing the correct client portion and the fitting individuals inside the business has been very useful.

Teamwork was a major advantage for us. All our team members are really co-operative and helpful. Teamwork plays a vital role in any group presentation. My team members equally divided the work with equal responsibilities and never delayed in work.

To conclude, our overall presentation was good and the judges liked the idea too. Our course lecturer Janja Song and Alice Comi were a great help to us. They helped in each and every aspect of this module.

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