24th January, 2019. It was the day of our first trade fair where we had to display our product which is our start-up and try to sell the product. This was a part of our module and was held at our own university which is the Kingston University. The whole point of this trade fair was to make us feel at an actual market place and face the real world challenges. It was a very challenging task for our group. Having realised at this stage we were still in the prototype phase of the product as our product (the smart bicycle lock) was not very easy to build. The whole journey was a difficult one as our product was challenging as well as the whole trade fair.

However, we did not lose any hopes and still faced all the people who passed by our stall because we were clear about the product and the features of the product. We had determined a sheet in which the product features and the benefits were linked so that the customer could easily relate to the value proposition and get interest in the product. Our main aim was to spread knowledge about the product rather than sell the product. Selling the idea was the main focus as we were still in the prototype phase. We had the half prototype which we had started with the benefits and features and the feedback forms on the table stand which we were given in the beginning.

There were many hindrances in the whole process which included the group members’ conflicts of thoughts and the prototype faults. We had to overcome all these and move ahead. We had been working for this day since the start of the module- design thinking for start-ups and had a lot of confusions in the product selection, prototype making etc. Finally, on that day we were all ready for showing up our product and briefly explaining about the product features and what customer satisfaction the customer would get if he buys the product. It was a very unique experience as we got a lot of feedbacks from the mentors and people passing by and many compliments for the idea. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get any prizes which were given based on the best sales, best trade stand and best product. As a whole, the idea of the trade fair in the university was a very good experience as it is a learning process and we learned a lot of things from the experience and tried to understand all the feedback which we got from the mentors and the random people, we tried to implement it for the next trade fair and implement some changes in the product as well. 

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