This was the best task in the module- Design thinking for start-ups. We had a make to video film of our product that clearly was done for advertisement of the product. Each group was given time to prepare for the video and present it in the class in front of some judges and was given the name The Oscars’. Our group HSL was keen on making the best advertisement and winning a prize.

Video advertisement is the best source of advertisement for any company as it helps to improve the awareness and the brand identity. There are several advantages which are as follows:

  • Video is prominent: The first and most evident motivation to pick video is that it’s basically what buyers need. Over 70% of the online US open routinely watches gushing video on the web. This is a crowd of people that can’t be overlooked.
  • Video is a ground-breaking converter: Video is a superb method to expand brand review. In one examination, it was noticed that 80% of respondents recollected the recordings from brands they’ve viewed in a 30-day time frame. That is not the situation for content and photographs, which buyers are immersed with so frequently they once in a while recall singular examples of publicizing.
  • Video gives your image an identity: Video enables you to give your image or item an identity. They enable your customers to associate with an individual or circumstance, as opposed to a picture, which can refine your image.
  • Individuals share recordings: It’s evaluated that 92% of people who’ve seen a video have shared a video. In the event that you’re searching for an imaginative method to expand brand mindfulness, at that point this is a number that you have to consider, as the more individuals who share your image’s message, the more that mindfulness will develop. (Shopkick and Team, 2019)

We started off with our video and as usual it was not a very easy job for us to finish it. It caused several problems in the editing and the execution of the plan. We decided to use 3 main props in the video advertisement which were the bicycle, the HSL lock and a lock cutter. We started off showing a normal lock which could be cut easily and then with the HSL lock which was our product and showcased the features and the benefits of the product including the alarm systems and the GPS system. Our video turned to be successful and we finally won an award for advertisement which was liked by all our classmates and the judges. It was a great moment for our team as our hard work was successful and was actually a good learning experience with all the hurdles and overcoming the hurdles to successfully create and execute the video and showcase what actually we wanted to.


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