This was the second trade fair but a more serious and important one. We had to display our product in front of the real market place where we could meet the potential customers of our new start-up and see the behaviour of the customers on our product. This was conducted in a small marketplace in Kingston, which was Eden Walk. The trade fair was on 23rd February, 2019. We had one month exactly after the Kingston university trade fair.

We focussed mainly on the feedback we had gotten earlier and were seeking for more feedback from the potential customers. In this stage our final prototype was ready and we were more prepared as compared to the previous trade fair. This time we had a feedback forms, one sheet of the features and benefits of the product, the prototype, the website of our product, our social media campaign with all the photographs and the company’s visiting cards to be distributed to the public. The trade stand was very interesting and showcased a great stand. It was better than the previous stand and was appreciated by many people. The prototype was ready this time but the packaging of the product was not done as the final product was not ready.

We were still not ready for selling as our final product was not ready and we just had the prototype with us. We were keen more on selling our idea rather than the product and get ourselves familiarised in the market. We had done a lot of efforts for the trade fair and the arrangement of the trade stand. We have gotten new comments on the product and the changes that can be made to improve the product. They were people who were ready for pre-ordering the product but we were told not to take any money for pre-orders. Many people were keen on knowing more about the product. Our stand was crowded at many times and was a very interesting day and many judges also liked the product.

The whole idea of the trade fair was to have a unique experience of the actual marketplace and active selling. We got to know more comments on the product and learnt a lot about the selling techniques and procedures. We got two pre-orders which is they gave us our contact details and know when the product is ready. It was a very good feeling when people were interested in our idea and was a “ahha” moment in my life.

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