The final day of the semester had come and I dint wanted the module to end as I was enjoying the module and the learning experience too. It was time for our final dragons den where we had to present the product to a final panel of judges who would judge us based on certain criteria like the sales pitch, business pitch, financials, marketing and the branding. We had to prepare a proper presentation for presenting and bring the product and present it in front of the judges. We were marked on the presentation and were like a milestone for us that had to be finished and get a good grade for our module. We were given 6 minutes for the presentation and 10 minutes for the question and answers with the judges. We got to know the time constraints and were very difficult to deliver the whole presentation in 6 minutes where we had to deliver the knowledge about the whole start-up. Time management was the main thing which I learnt from this experience.

We started to prepare for the presentation and also had to prepare a business report of our start-up and give a detailed piece of information about the product and the start-up. There was a learning procedure in this dragons den as well because we had a mock dragons den a week before the final dragons den. In the mock dragons den we were not really prepared but were keen to know the comments from the judges and the improvements or amendments which were to be made to make our final dragons den the best. We received a lot of feedback from the judges on the mock dragons den and got to know about the right way of presentation and the order that needed to be followed in the presentation to make it look more professional and interesting.

We clearly read the feedback forms and had a group meeting about the changes and made the amendments for our presentation. On the final day which was 14th march, 2019 we were the last group to present and were very nervous as it was the final presentation. We delivered the presentation in front of the judges and were a unique experience as we got to know how professional pitching was done and got recommendations from the judges about our product and how the start-up would be successful in future if we wished to continue it in the future. The whole journey of our module was showcased in the final dragons den where we had to present the in and out of the product. It was a beautiful journey which started with the idea generation to implementing it to the real business world.

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