Body-storming is a one of a kind strategy that traverses compassion work, ideation, and prototyping. Body-storming is method of physically encountering a circumstance to infer new thoughts. It requires setting up an ordeal – finish with essential antiques and individuals – and physically “testing” it. Body-storming can likewise incorporate physically changing your space amid ideation. What you’re centred around here is the manner in which you interface with your condition and the decisions you make while in it.

Why body-storming?

We body storm to create unforeseen thoughts that probably won’t be acknowledged by talking or portraying. We body storm to help make sympathy with regards to conceivable answers for prototyping. In case you’re stuck in your ideation stage, you can body-storm with regards to a silly idea to make you consider elective thoughts. Body-storming is likewise to a great degree helpful with regards to prototyping ideas. Building up any kind of physical condition requests something like a couple body storms..

How to body-storm?

  • Get up
  • Do it

It’s quite basic, truly. Get physical! In the event that you are attempting to ideate with regards to healing center patients, take a stab at strolling through the experience to think of new thoughts. On the off chance that you are planning items for the elderly, rub some Vaseline on your glasses to see the world through more established eyes. Body storm by moving around and getting to be mindful of the physical spaces and encounters identified with your answers. Give careful consideration to basic leadership specifically identified with your condition and related enthusiastic responses. Delve into the “WHY”!

In our class we bodystormed handicapped people by actually using a wheelchair and trying to become like a handicapped. We were given tasks to bodystorm like for example: getting a coffee from the canteen or using the lift or using the washroom etc. which actually made us feel that we are handicapped and how it to be handicapped is. Our team was given the task to get a coffee from the canteen store at the ground floor and in my team, I was sitting on the wheelchair and actually went with my team to the store and got a coffee and felt how difficult is it for the handicapped people.

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