Prototype is an early example, model, or arrival of an item worked to test an idea or process or to go about as a thing to be recreated or gained from. It is a term utilized in an assortment of settings, including semantics, structure, gadgets, and programming. A model is commonly used to assess another plan to improve exactness by framework experts and clients. Prototyping serves to give determinations to a genuine, working framework as opposed to a hypothetical one. In some plan work process models, making a model (a procedure at times called appearance) is the progression between the formalization and the assessment of a thought.

There are many advantages of prototyping which include:

  • Diminished time and expenses: Prototyping improves the nature of the details and necessities gave to clients. With prototyping, clients can envision greater expenses, required changes and potential task obstacles, and above all, potential final product debacles. Solid prototyping can guarantee item quality and reserve funds for a considerable length of time to come.
  • Improved and expanded client association: Most client need to feel like they are included with the complex subtleties of their undertaking. Prototyping requires client association and empowers them to see and collaborate with a working model of their undertaking. With models, clients can give their prompt input, demand venture changes and adjust model particulars. Prototyping above all kills mistaken assumptions and miscommunications amid the advancement procedure.
  • Diminished time and costs: Nothing makes clients more joyful than undertakings that come in under spending plan. Prototyping improves the nature of prerequisites and determinations gave to clients. Required changes identified later being developed cost exponentially more to actualize. With prototyping, you can decide early what the end cliental needs with quicker and more affordable programming. (Rapids Reproductions, 2019)

Our group HSL which made smarter bicycle locks with a two-way alarm system and the GPS tracker into it took a lot of time to make the prototype. As it was a challenging job for us to make the prototype of our product, we focussed on the quality of the product as the first impression is the best impression and it was an example of what we would sell in the future. All the collections and selection of the raw material was done by me and the allocation and ordering was done by my other group members. The main part was the raw material selection and the designing of the product. Getting it manufactured by a manufacturing unit near Indonesia and getting it delivered to London was also a part of the prototyping process. It was a difficult task for us to complete the prototype and cross all the hurdles which came in between. Overall it was an exciting task with many decisions which were made by us and due to this we felt a little too matured.


Rapids Reproductions. (2019). The Advantages & Disadvantages of Prototyping – Rapids Reproductions. [online] Available at: [Accessed 24 Apr. 2019].

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